Bonnie Erquiaga

Lake City, CA

Karen Hill

Cedarville, CA

Sabrina Harris

Cedarville, CA

Candy Maidens

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Landon Brown

Alturas, CA 

Hemma Rangel

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Organization Profile

Who We Are . . .


What We’re Doing

Our Mission . . .

The Modoc Heritage Foundation works in partnership with the Modoc District 34th Agricultural District Association, to plan and host the Fair. Our mission is to preserve the Fair for future generations to enjoy and to immerse our youth in hands-on learning experiences to foster a lifelong appreciation of our heritage.

Our Vision . . .

To preserve this special place as an integral part of our community's fabric and to celebrate our heritage, customs and culture.

Modoc Heritage Foundation


Founded: 2016

​Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization


Lisa Benner - President

Cedarville, CA

Teri Brown - Vice President

Alturas,, CA

Roberta Hohman - Secretary

Alturas, CA 

Cheryl Kunert - Treasurer

Alturas, CA